Hacking Textfiles

Around the 1970's, the term "hacking" meant any deep interest in computers that manifested itself in programming or learning arcane aspects of the machinery or operating systems. By the early 1980's, this meaning morphed into a general term of fear to describe anyone who did anything even remotely evil using computer equipment. The people who considered themselves non-malicious "Hackers" decried this bastardization of the term they took with pride, and the new name "cracker" arrived, years after that name applied to people who removed copy protection from home video games. By the late 80's to early 90's, no one cared too much, except for the people who care about everything too much.

In other words, these textfiles are all about hacking.

In accordance with this spirit, anything involving subverting any technology, for good or evil, is placed here. Unless, of course, you're talking about telephones, at which point you should go over to the phreaking section.

If you're looking for electronic hacking magazines, go check out the magazines. Additionally, you might also check the groups section if your file was written by someone who was part of a group.

Description of the Textfile
BIBLIOGRAPHIESLists of Articles and Books about Hackers and Hacking
CABLETextfiles about Cable TV and Cable TV Piracy
COLORBOOKSPurported Department of Defense Computer Security Guidelines
CONVENTIONS Information about different Hacking Conventions
INTERNETFiles Dealing With Hacking on the Internet
MICROSOFTFiles Dealing with Hacking Windows and DOS
POLICIESVarious Ethics and Policies of Computing Facilities Nationwide
UNIXTextfiles About Exploring or Exploiting UNIX
VMSTextfiles About Exploring or Exploiting VMS and VAXes
22.txt 4999
DDN Management Bulletin 22: Domain Names Transition (March 16, 1984)
23things.txt 2342
2600-9-3.txt 144176
2600 Magazine Autumn, 1992 (OCR'd Issue by Anonymous)
2600_ind 96106
2600 Subject Index Volumes 1 (1984) - 10 (1993) by David Price
2600faq.011 169226
Beta .011 of the alt.2600/#hack FAQ by Will Spencer (March 19, 1995)
386i.txt 1920
CIAC Advisory Notice: Authentication bypass in Sun 386i machines
5600.txt 84069
Someone Screws Around with a Premier Telecom Products, inc. (February 4, 1990)
aahack.txt 3112
Anarchy Anonymous: Hacking your School Network
accesblt.hac 20551
Advanced Authentication Technology, 1991
accessin.txt 14070
A Brief Tutorial on How to Beat the High Cost of Genie by TIC INC (November 27, 1987)
acro01.txt 4538
Max Headroom's Hacker Acronym List
acro02.txt 5532
Max Headroom's Second Collection of Acronyms
acrolist.phk 8181
Acronym List, Early 1990s
acroynym.txt 30296
The Hacker's Acronym Chart, by the International information Retreival Guild (IIRC) (November 3, 1990)
adssys.txt 10048
A Guide to ADS Systems: Part I: Basics by Lord Digital and the Phantom
aio.box 2485
All in One Box, by Disk Doctor
aio5b.txt 6588
AIO 5.0b Documentation by Peter King (January 11, 1987) (Access Code Finder)
ais.txt 15248
AIS: The Automatic Intercept System by Computer Consoles Incorporated
aix.fun 778
Warning to download some AIX Patches
allnet01.txt 3939
Hacking Allnet by Shadow Warrior (January 1988)
amhack.txt 12374
Hacking Answering Machines 1990 by Predat0r of Blitzkrieg BBS
ansibomb.txt 10496
ANSI Bombs II: Tips and Techniques, by The Raging Golem
aohell.phk 1071
Why I wrote AOLHell
aoim.txt 1725
The Risks of Using an AOL Client Behind a Firewall
aolhak.txt 9252
How to Hack America on Line by the Hooded Bobs
as400cmd.hac 27788
IBM AS/400 Command Summary
as400cmd.txt 28178
All IBM AS/400 Commands by The Might
aspen.txt 16772
A Complete Guide To Hacking and Use of ASpEN Voice Mail Systems by Caveman (January 13, 1992)
aspen1.txt 16843
A Complete Guide to Hacking and Use of ASpEN Voice Mail Systems by Caveman (January 13, 1992)
aspen2.txt 11053
A Complete Guide To Hacking and Use of ASpEN Voice Mail Systems Part II by Caveman (March 27, 1992)
assolink.txt 11949
An Overview of the Maine Business AssoLINK System by Kingpin of LoST/RL (1990)
at&arebl.txt 2965
Rebel, as Hackers, against the reduction of the AT&T 60% Discount on Nights and Weekends
atlas.txt 4938
Hackers' Atlas, by Ragon/Wynvern/BOF
atm-92.txt 20096
ATMS: The Real File for ATM Theft in 1992 by The Raven
atm-more.txt 20049
A Whole Collection of the Risks of ATM Cards (1988)
atm.txt 8167
Hacking ATM's by Blue Thunder
atm1.txt 2773
The Disk Jockey Presents Scamming ATMs
atma.hac 22036
Quick OVerview of ATM Security (Needs Editing)
atmapps.txt 1771
"Gee Whiz" ATM Applications are On the Horizon
atmfile 21290
ATM secret codes, from Fred Gindburg (July 10, 1987)
atmhacking.txt 5742
Hacking ATMs, by Anonymous
atms 14827
An Overview of ATMs and Information on the Encoding System
atms.txt 20384
Track Layouts on ATM Cards
auditool.txt 12681
Intrusion Detection in Computers by Victor H. Marshall (January 29, 1991)
austhack.hac 7324
Australian Dialups
austpac0.txt 14674
Accessing Telecom Australia's AUSTPAC Service by Soft Beard 1990
austpac1.txt 11953
Additional AUSTPAC Character Terminal Manual
austpac2.txt 20338
AUSTPAC General Information and Codes
austpac3.txt 15830
The AUSTPAC Price List by Apple Odessa an Negative Energy (September 1989)
autohack.txt 5504
Autohack Documentation Version 1.0 by Grimalkin (August 12, 1986)
autonet1.txt 11411
Hacker Supreme's Hackers Dictionary Volume #34 (1986) by Ninja Squirrel and Logan 5
autotelldoc.ana 5439
Fun with Automatic Tellers
autovon1.hac 2230
Introduction to the Automated Voice Network (Autovon) by Shadowrunner
autovon2.hac 3387
Introduction to the Automated Voice Network (Autovon) Part II
autovon3.hac 1809
Introduction to the Automated Voice Network (Autovon) Part III
autovoni.nst 19395
Overview of the Automatic Voice Network (Autovon)
avoidcap.txt 2576
Planning Ahead for Phone Phreaks/Hackers
babyna.mes 203893
The Moby Words Database (List of Words) (1989)
backdoor.txt 19156
How to Hold Onto UNIX Root Once You Have It
bankhack.txt 12641
The Legion of Doom Presents: How We Got Rich Through Electronic Fund Transfers
basic.net 14775
Basic Networking, by Sk8 the Skinhead
basic1.hac 7491
The Basics of Hacking I: DECs By the Knights of Shadow
basic3.hac 4349
The Basics of Hacking III: Data General By the Knights of Shadow
basicnet.hac 14534
Basic Networking (1989) by Sk8 The SkinHead
basics 16646
Rambug's Hacking Volume #1 by Rambug
bbsfiles.txt 38272
The Consumertronics Collection of "A Couple Hacker Files We Downloaded One Evening"
bd-tv5.txt 7439
Cracking the Universal Product Code, by the Black Diamon and the Virtualizer, 7/15/1993
bindery.txt 4201
Ascessing the Novell NetWare 3.x Bindery Files Directly, Bypassing API Calls, by Alastair Grant, Cambridge University (November 3, 1995)
boahack.txt 6686
Hacking Bank Of America's Home Banking System by Dark Creaper of PHIRM
boces.txt 6957
The Slipped Disk takes over the BOCES Computer: A Log
bom-hh&p.txt 9785
The History of Hacking and Phreaking by Raven of BOMB Squad
books.txt 41728
Biblography of Computer Security Books (1973 through 1988)
brute.txt 3462
BRUTE: A brute force approach to hacking Unix passwords. Version 1.1
btinfo.h-k 14037
BT Computer Info by Horror kid of the Fiend Club (January 9th, 1994)
c64fun1.txt 2927
Suggestions On What to Do with a Commodore 64, by Nightstalker
callcard.phk 1734
Hacking Calling Cards, by The Pyromaniac
candyland.faq 4823
The Candyman Explains How He Will Accept Explosives Files
carcodes.txt 3358
Codes Used by Computers in Cars
cb1.txt 3407
Citibank Hacking, by Johnny Hundu
cb2.txt 2145
Small Rant about Hacking Citibank
cbiinfo 19013
Using and Abusing CBI by The Ghost
cbrsp-1.hac 6075
The Cyberspace Chronicle Volume 1 by Phardak
cbvhack.pnk 6694
CBV Hacking by PiNK ToRPeDo (June 7, 1994)
cbvhack.txt 5754
CBV Hackin' by Pink Torpedo (June 7, 1994)
chahelp_.txt 9164
Operating the CHAMAS: The Chaos Mailbox System by Thomas Zielke
chaos01.txt 1609
The Pyro's Anonymous Chaos Chronicles #1 by Inphiniti and Decibel, 1990
chaos02.txt 2577
The Pyro's Anonymous Chaos Chronicles #2 by Inphinity and Decibel, 1990
chaos03.txt 4264
The Pyro's Anonymous Chaos Chronicles #3, by Inphiniti and Decibel
chilton1.txt 7970
Hacking the Chilton Corporation Credimatic by Ryche (June 24, 1986)
china02doc.hac 23257
China Newsletter #02 (Hacking/Phreaking File Compilation)
church4.ptl 9611
Church Chat Volume 4 by The Spiker
cis.phk 6583
Hacking the Compuserve Information Service with Various Tricks and Ideas, by Shadow Lord
cisagain.txt 6192
Hacking the Compuserve Information Service with various Tricks and Ideas by Shadow Lord
cisinfo4.txt 8104
Compuserve Information by Morgoth and Lotus
ciss3.txt 18816
List of Access Numbers to the Compuserve Information Service
citibank.txt 6226
Hacking into Citibank with Johnny Hindu
citibank2.txt 6430
Citibank Service Addresses by Dark Helmet of P/H/A (March 21, 1990)
cjack.faq 4837
Cracker Jack FAQ Written by kM (1993)
codphone 3842
Coda-Phones by D.T. Legna
com_sec90.hac 54579
United States General Accounting Office Report: Computer Security..Governmentwide Planning Process had Limited Impact
com_sec91.hac 15590
United States General Accounting Office Report: Computer Security..Hackers Penetrate DoD Systems
compserv.txt 6337
Hacking the Compuserve Information Service with Various Tricks and Ideas by Shadow Lord, Esq.
compus.txt 3286
Free Compuserve Passwords, by Devious Xevious
compuser.txt 27008
A Quick Compuserve Index
compusin.txt 1386
Some Compuserve Tips, by Eric Diamond
compusrv 5599
Compuserve Hacking by The Locksmith
concis.txt 3488
Free Compuserve Access
contact.txt 5246
How to Contact the HACK SQUAD
copier.hac 10206
Magnetic Stripes, by Count Zero
cops-rl 23583
RL C.O.P.S. File by Brian Oblivion
cosmos.hac 10942
C O S M O S, by Doctor Who
cosmos1.txt 7458
Hacking into COSMOS by Wizard of OZ
cosmos2.hac 9608
Hacking COSMOS Part 2 by Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom
cosmos3.hac 8320
The 1986 COSMOS Files Part III by Sir William
crackam1.txt 63466
Hacking Programs on the Amiga by FunToHack
crackdwn.txt 26230
Crackdown, from 2600 Magazine volume 7, number 1 SPRING
creditfr.txt 8914
The Adventures in Fraud Series Volume I, by Sneak Thief (1985)
credunin.con 1314
Numbers of Credit Unions and protection Agencies
cs.hac 2815
How to Get a Free Account on Compuserve
cs.txt 2944
How to Get a Free Compuserve Account
csl8_93.hac 12359
CSL Bulletin 1993
cuthesis.txt 154635
The Social Organization of the Computer Underground by Gordon R. Meyer
cyber.txt 11505
The Cyberpunk Movement by Pazuzu of DnA May 12, 1993
cyberhac.txt 11078
Hacking Control Data Corporation's Cyber, by The Ghost
data.tap 3604
Tapping Computer Data is Easy, and Clearer than Phone Calls! By Ric Blackmon, Sysop of a Fed BBS
data_gen 1574
Captain Crunch talks about hacking Data General Systems
database.txt 3142
CIRR Database: A tool for Corporate Research
datakit.hac 14409
How to connect across VCS/ISN boundaries
datanet.doc 6670
The Basics of TELENET
datapac.hac 15579
A Guide to DataPAC by The Fixer
datapac.inf 12170
Technical Guide to DataPac by the New Dark Council (1990)
datapac.txt 14413
A Guide to DataPAC by The Fixer (April 18, 1990)
datapac1.txt 16626
A Guide to DataPAC version 1.1 by The Fixer
datapac2.txt 19480
Datapac 3101 ITI Parameters Description
datapac3.txt 2430
Datapac 3101 Public Outdial Ports
datatap.txt 4109
Tapping Computer Data is Easy, and Clearer than Phone Calls! By Ric Blackmon, Sysop
datatapp.txt 4088
Tapping Computer Data is Easy, and Clearer than Phone Calls! By Ric Blackmon
ddn01.txt 2993
DDN Security Bulletin #1
ddn03.hac 11207
Defense Data Network Security Bulletin #3
ddn04.hac 3143
Defense Data Network Security Bulletin #4
ddn05.hac 4295
Defense Data Network Security Bulletin #5
ddn06.hac 3015
Defense Data Network Security Bulletin #6
ddnet1.txt 8294
DDN: Information on the Defense Data Network from Unauthorized Access UK
ddnet2.txt 2421
DDN: The Defense Data Network (A Map)
debtcard.txt 3730
Harvard Medical School Installs ISDN-Based Debit Card System
dec10.txt 23846
Hacking the DEC-10 System
dec_200.txt 3239
The Decserver 200 Revealed by Surf Studd (October 23, 1990)
defaults.txt 6726
Hacking into a Variety of Systems by using their Default Accounts
defcon.info 26112
defconadd.hac 11951
defdb.hac 77311
Department of Defense Federal Data Bases (List)
defense.hac 10447
Defense Data Network Blues by Harry Hackalot
defense.txt 10198
Defense Data Network Blues by Harry Hackalot (1984)
defnetbl.txt 10501
Defense Data Network Blues by Harry Hackalot (August 31, 1983)
demystif.txt 3871
Compactors Demystified: The Trash Compactor FAQ by Chris Hoaglin
denning.txt 59865
Concerning Hackers Who Break into Computer Systems by Dorothy E. Denning of Digital Equipment Corp (October, 1990)
des.txt 22528
The Data Encruption Standard (DES) Fact Sheet
desblt.txt 24448
The Data Encryption Standard (DES) June 1990
desval.hac 3149
DES Validation List
desval.txt 3905
DES Validation List
dialback.txt 10113
Dial-Back Isn't Always Secure (February 28, 1985)
dialog.txt 8142
Inside Dialog by Control C of Advanced Telecommunications Inc.
dialog01.txt 8543
Inside Dialog, by Ctrl-C of Advanced Telecommunications, Inc.
dialout1.txt 67840
A Novice Manual on Using Outdial Modems by Blue Adept
dialplus.txt 4830
A Screengrab of Informaiton on PSS DialPlus from British Telecom
dialup.hac 18816
List of Dialups. For what? I have no idea.
disclaim 2875
Da Disclaimer, by Filbert
diskopt 6706
My Experiences with Disk Optimizer by P. L. Olympia, Sysop Darwin I and II 11/29/85
djns.txt 2377
Inside DJNS (Dow Jones News Service)
dlog-rdt 44883
Complete Guide To The DIALOG Information Network by Brian oblivion
dnicinf.hac 13312
D A T E X - P - International Traffic Relations
dowjones.txt 2570
Inside Dow Jones News Service
dpacbas.txt 9468
The Basics of DataPAC by Mister X (February 2, 1991)
dpacintr.rot 37561
Introduction to DataPac from the Right of Terror and Deicide
dpacnuas.txt 92595
The Complete DataPac NUA List Release 1.0, from Deicide of Reign of Terror (May 20, 1993)
dtsb.hac 8894
DEC Terminal Server Basics by Mad Hacker
easyl.hac 3968
Hacking Easy Link I by Professor Falken
easylink.hck 2399
Hacking Western Union's Easylink, by Bioc Agent 003, and Tuc
easylink.txt 4686
Hacking Easy-Link I by Professor Falken
edit.txt 17792
Electronic Deception, Interception & Terrorism : The Radio Shack Reality! by Ian A. Murphy of IAM/Secure Data Systems
ena!.hac 7877
The ENA Vision: What IS Ena?
encyclop.txt 1502
Someone Makes fun of That Stupid Article
eproms.hac 5566
A Closer Look at EEPROMS by The Kingpin
eslf0006.txt 57267
The ELSF Presents: Hackers' Conference 1984: Keep Designing (Whole Earth Magazine)
ess.txt 7153
Electronic Switching System by Black Knight, from 2600, Feb. 1984
ethics.hac 3692
Newsweek: Teaching Hackers Ethics
ethics.txt 5148
The Ethics of Hacking by Dissident
evasiv.txt 7297
The Inspector's Thoughts, by Assailant's Blade and Ford Prefect
exeguide.txt 23552
An Extensive Guide to the Protection of Information Resources, by the National institute of Standards and Technology (NiST)
fast.txt 5301
Hacking McDonalds, by Herb the Hacker
fbiaftha.hac 16896
The FBI Fights Computer Crime
fbibust 6199
The FBI Raid of North County in Waltham Massachusetts (December 25, 1985)
fbicompu.hac 5225
Summary of FBI Computer Systems, by Ralph Harvey
fbicompu.txt 5246
Summary of FBI Computer Systems By Ralph Harvey (1986)
fbisys.txt 5281
Summary of FBI Computer Systems, by Ralph Harvey
fcisacc.txt 3550
Getting Free Compuserve Access, by The Wanderjahr
fcscvol1.hac 641496
Federal Criteria for Information Technology Security Volume I
fcscvol2.hac 566236
Federal Criteria for Information Technology Security Volume II
fddi.hac 2156
How to FDDA Internals Work? Learning to Appreciate Tokens
fdp1.txt 12668
The Griffin Presents: Freedom of Data Processing Part 1! By Michael E Marotta
fdp2.txt 13449
The Griffin Presents: Freedom of Data Processing Part 2 by Michael E. Marotta
feds 3702
Watching the Watcher Watching You, by Sir Knight of OSUNY BBS
fh.txt 49876
Documentation for Fuckin' Hacker 2.0, by Hypnocosm (June 10, 1987)
findhole.txt 16372
Security Holes Manifest Themsleves in Four Ways (November 10, 1993)
findho~1.txt 16384
The Four Ways Security Holes Manifest Themselves (November 10, 1993)
force1.txt 27946
Force Files Volume #1 (December 3, 1987)
force2.txt 30310
Force Files Volume #2 (April 17, 1987)
force3.txt 29702
Force Files Volume #3 (August 6, 1987)
force4.txt 28651
Force Files Volume #4 (August 1, 1987)
force5.txt 32039
Force Files Volume #5 (August 6, 1987)
force6.txt 7027
Force Files Volume #6 (August 6, 1987)
force7.txt 31832
Force Files Volume #7 (August 6, 1987)
force8.txt 31694
Force Files Volume #8 (August 6, 1987)
force9.txt 11387
Force Files Volume #9 (August 6, 1987)
freebie3.hac 103246
Compufreebies 3.1 (1992)
freecis.txt 3278
Free Compuserve Access
funwith5.hac 5437
Fun With Automatic Tellers
g.txt 22969
SOFTDOCS: GameTools Version 3.23 by Wong Wing Kin (1993)
garaghak.txt 48489
Garage Door Opener Hacker Plans from Cybertek
gateways 8598
The Inter-Network Mail Guide - Copyright 1990 by John J. Chew
get-vip.txt 11547
DOCUMENTATION: Get-VIP: Getting Very Important Persons from Unix Passwd Files
getbust.txt 4631
Getting Busted: An Experience and a Warning, by Paranoid Punkpig of 415
getinfo.txt 5978
The Hacker's Guide to Investigations, by Ripper of HALE (1989)
gisdoc.hac 5966
Hacking the GIS computer by Doctor Crash
goodbye.ana 1796
The Best of the Station, by The Prowler
goodkids.hac 4548
Computer Hackers are Good People Too!
govthlp.txt 4106
The Help Screen on some Government System
gs1.txt 16195
Packet Assembler/Disasselmbler, Gateway, And Server by Doctor Dissector (March 23, 1990)
gte.txt 19883
Hacking GTE Telemail by Master Micro
guide.txt 42423
A Novice's Guide to Hacking- 1989 edition by The Mentor
guidedoc.hac 5437
The RSTS User's Guide, by The Flash
guidehak.txt 176913
The Neophyte's Guide to hacking (1993 Edition) by Deicide
gunbelt3.txt 8525
Documentation for Gunbelt III (Code Hacking Program) by Lord Blix (August 25, 1987)
hacethi.txt 5949
The Ethics of Hacking, by Dissident of TES
hacethic.txt 6161
The Ethics of Hacking by Dissident
hack.faq 251055
Beta .008 of the 2600/#hack FAQ
hack.hac 4096
Hacking And Computer Krashing #9, by Gray Wolf
hack.leg 11978
A Proposal to Join the Corporate World and the Computer Underground for a Peaceful, Legal Solution by Fatal Error (1990)
hack1.hac 7960
The Basics of Hacking, by the Knights of Shadow (Intro)
hack2.hac 7450
The Basics of Hacking, by The Knights of Shadow (DECs)
hack3 6629
The Basics of Telenet Part I
hack4 7894
Telenet Scanning
hack4.hac 4421
The Basics of Hacking, by The Knights of Shadow (Data General)
hack5.hac 5761
Hacking McDonalds, by Herb of Burger King
hack7 5417
Hacking the Compuserve Information Service
hack7.txt 4034
The Conscience of a Hacker by The Mentor (January 8, 1986)
hack9.hac 10950
Hacking Control Data Corporation's Cyber
hack9301.rpt 39068
The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 1 (January 3, 1993)
hack9302.rpt 59113
The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 2 (February 7, 1993)
hack9303.rpt 53202
The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 3 (March 7, 1993)
hack9304.rpt 66762
The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 4 (April 4, 1993)
hack9305.rpt 91783
The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 5 (May 9, 1993)
hack9306.rpt 101520
The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 6 (June 6, 1993)
hack9307.rpt 117584
The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 7 (July 4, 1993)
hack9309.rpt 137473
The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 9 (September 12, 1993)
hack9401.rpt 75374
The Hack Report Volume 3, Issue 1 (January 29, 1994)
hack_cis.txt 13288
The 15-Minute CompuServe Hack (or, Leeching Made Incredibly Easy) by MacGuyver June 22, 1991
hack_em.hac 26119
The Knights of Shadow Hacking Series, Re-edited and Messed by Elric of Imrryr
hack_s.txt 13935
Harry Hackalot's Official Hacker Address Book for October 1984
hack_ths.txt 148109
The Social Organization of the Computer Underground (Thesis)
hackacr.hac 59638
The Hackers Acronym Chart, compiled by IIRG
hackad.txt 5248
The Famous Hacker's School (Analog Science Fiction Sept. 1990)
hackcos.txt 27333
Hacking COSMOS Part I by Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom
hackcrak.txt 29696
The Hacker Crackdown, by 2600 Magazine
hackdct1 89766
The Hacker's Jargon File, (November 14, 1982 Version)
hackdict.txt 872346
The Hacker's Dictionary, Older Version, Uncredited!
hacker 3415
The Consience of a Hacker by The Mentor (January 8, 1986)
hacker.tst 21534
The Hacker's Purity Test, June 16, 1989
hacker.txt 5787
SOFTDOCS: Hacker 1.0 by WadeSoft (March 1994)
hacker01.txt 152594
The Social Organization of the Computer Underground: A Thesis
hacker03.txt 4931
The Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy: A Large Selection of Phone Numbers
hacker1.txt 19996
Diary of a Hacker
hacker11.txt 2403
Hacking Western Union's Easylink
hacker2.txt 11714
The Diary of a Hacker Part II by the Cuisinart Blade
hackerdoc.txt 10690
SOFTDOCS: Hacker 1.0 by WadeSoft (March 1994)
hackerla 2181
The Hackers' Laws
hackers.par 2238
Advertisement for the Galactic Hacker's Party (August 1989)
hackethic.txt 5953
The Ethics of Hacking by Dissident
hackfaq.10 176079
FAQ: The Alt.2600/#hack FAQ Beta, by Voyager of TNO (December 18, 1994)
hackfaq.txt 282121
The Hack FAQ By Simple Nomad (January 31, 1999)
hackholl.txt 4372
Hacking In Holland by Rop Gonggrijp (October 18, 1988)
hackhp2.hac 15991
Hacking the HP 2000 by Bioc Agent 003
hacking 1676
Description of the New, Bad Definition of Hacking
hacking.dox 38174
Collections of Hacker FIles Downloaded by Consumertronics
hacking.tap 5840
Style Teaches You About How to Be a Proper Hacker
hacking.txt 30670
Hacking Tutorial, by The Jolly Roger
hacking101.hac 3367
HACKING 101 - By Johnny Rotten - Course #1 - Hacking, Telenet, Life
hackinga.txt 5856
Hacking Bank Of America's Home Banking System by Dark Creaper
hackingc.txt 4524
Hacking Credit Card Codes by Omni-Kid and The Wyvern
hackinge.txt 2881
Hacking ECONet Systems by Jack Death and Zapper
hackingi.txt 759
Computerworld Asks People to Hack In, 1984
hackingt.txt 1311
Hacking the Lexington Air Force Computer
hackl1.txt 4699
Hacker's Line #1 by 2TUFF
hacknet.dox 9243
The Novell Network Hacking Guide by PeRSeUs/LoRd psYChobeTa of EmC
hacknet.txt 7950
how to Hack Your School's Network, from Dr. Techno of Paradise Lost
hackpcp.hac 8519
The Weenie Warriors present Hacking PC Pursuit Codes
hackprod.txt 3110
How to Hack Prodigy by Desolated Dream
hackprof.txt 2276
Hacker Proof Doors! It IS Possible!
hackquiz.txt 21324
The Hacker Test, Version 1.0 (June 16, 1989) by Felix Lee, John Hayes and Angela Thomas
hackrsts.txt 4221
Hacking RSTS Systems: An Instructional Test
hacksong.txt 5632
The Hacker's Song by Dave Touretzky and Don Libes
hacksynd.hac 7296
The Hackers Syndrome, by Tad Deriso
hacktalk.txt 10240
A Short Hackerspeak Glossary, by the Hollywood User Group
hackterm.txt 4314
Collection of "Hackernyms" by Rad Man version 2.10
hacktest.txt 8497
The Ultimate Hacker Test Verison 3.0 by Rich Crash Lewis, Junior (1992)
hacktips.hac 3392
Hacking Tips #2, by Hoe Hopper
hacktips.txt 5625
Tips for Tracking Hackers
hacktut.txt 21105
Hacking Tutorial, by The Jolly Roger
hackunlm.hu1 144657
Hackers Unlimited Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1
hackusa!.hac 7666
Hackin' USA
hackwarn.hac 5735
A Warning to Hackers
hackwwiv.hac 7679
Hacking into WWIV, Second Edition by Vision
hackwwiv.txt 12294
Hacking into WWIV Software by Vision
haibm370.txt 2420
How to Take Control of your Local IBM VM/370 System by Another Hacker of the Elite Phreakers' Club
hakdec20.txt 8786
An Addendum to A Novice's Guide to Hacking, by The Mentor
hakdic.txt 231108
The Hacker's Dictionary, A Guide to the World of Computer Wizards
hakmedia.txt 1771
Hackers in the Media, List start: 10/28/92 - Doomsday
handbook.txt 20162
Hacking Compuserve: All You Need to Know, by Mr. Perfect
haq1.txt 37136
The HAQ Edition 2.07 (June 11, 1994)
hashish.txt 6146
Hashish: The Exotic Elixir, by EZ Rider
hate.info 1152
Invitation to HATE: Hackers at The End (Summer 1995)
havok1.txt 64006
HAVOK Pack #1: The Return (Collection of Hacking Textfiles)
hckr_hnd.txt 138752
The Hacker's Handbook by Hugo Cornwall (1985)
hckrslg 12665
The Hacker's League, by Lee Felsenstein (March 18, 1992)
hd.hac 5732
Summary of Hacker Supreme's Hacking Directories 1-40. by the 0mega of the Alliance/Hacker Supreme
hd01.hac 16446
Hackers Directory Volume #1 by Ninja Squirrel and Logan5
hd02.hac 13873
Hackers Directory Volume #2 by Ninja Squirrel and Logan5
hd03.hac 16634
Hackers Directory Volume #3 by Ninja Squirrel and Logan5
hd04.hac 11329
Hackers Directory Volume #4 by Ninja Squirrel and Logan5
hdigest.txt 14413
The Hacker's Digent by Harry Hackalot (October 1984)
hdindex.txt 4686
Summary of Hacker Supreme's Hacking Directories 1-40 by The 0mega (September 10, 1986)
hedrick.txt 89278
An Introduction to the Internet Protocols by the Computer Science Facilities Group of Rutgers (July 3, 1987)
hfnewbies.txt 17307
The Neophyte's Guide to Hacking, 1993 Edition Version 1.2 by Deicide (October 23, 1993)
hhacking.iix 5504
CAT-HACK Volume 1 from The Mystery
hint.txt 25439
The Czar's Guide to the Young Criminal Accused of Using Computers
his-hp.txt 9320
The History of Hacking and Phreaking by Raven of BOM SQUAD
hk_acces 43859
Draft Chapter of the NIST Computer Security Handbook, from Ed Roback
hk_crypt 34588
Draft Chapter from the NIST Computer Security Handbook, on Cryptography
hk_i&a 36722
Draft of the NIST Computer Security Handbook on Identification and Authentification
hk_polic 28492
Draft of the NIST Computer Security Handbook on Computer and Information Security Policty
hoho93.ad 13472
hoho93cz.hac 13356
hohocon.93 14237
holelist.txt 16654
How Security Holes Manifest Themselves
holes.txt 78322
A List of Holes in Various Operating Systems (April 7, 1993)
homebank.hac 6056
Hacking Bank Of America's Home Banking System by "Dark Creaper"
homebank.txt 5863
Hacking Bank of America's Home Banking System by Dark Creaper of PHIRM
horror_s.tor 48939
Hacking Horror Stories 1982
hp20001.hac 12800
HP 2000 Part 1: Commands by Blitzoid and Galactus
hp20002.hac 15744
HP 2000 Part 2: Statements by Blitzoid and Galactus
hp20003.hac 9344
HP 2000 Part 3: Functions by Blitzoid and Galactus
hp20004.hac 5376
HP 2000 Part 4: Files by Blitzoid and Galactus
hp20005.hac 5120
Hp 2000 Part 5: Matracies by Blitzoid and Galactus
hp30.txt 116232
The Completel Hewlett Packard 3000 Hackers Guide
hp3000.hac 10319
The Complete Hewlett Packard 3000 Hackers Guide
hp3000.txt 111310
The Complete Hewlett Packard 3000 hacker's Guide (March 28, 1991) by AXIS
hp3000_t.hac 14354
Hacking the HP 3000 by DE BUG
hp3000g.hac 112566
The Complete Hewlett Packard 3000 Hackers Guide
iah1.txt 142976
The International Hackers' Association Issue #1
ibm-vm70.txt 3226
A Beginner's Guide to the IBM VM/370 (Or What to Do Once You've Gotten in) by Elric of Imrryr of Lunatic Labs Unlimited
ibm370.hac 2688
How to Take Control of your Local IBM 370 by Another Hacker
ibmhack.hac 2686
Hacking the I.B.M. By John Doe
icebook1.txt 35623
ICE: Inner Circle Elites Present: The Hack/Phreak Handbook v1.00 by Liquid Jesus (June 9, 1992)
icebook2.txt 54349
ICE: Inner Circle Elites Present: The Hack/Phreak Handbook Issue #2 by Liquid Jesus
icon4u.nrg 1810
ICoN Hacking with Loser Access by GY
id-biz.txt 2850
How to Have a Profitable ID Business, by Mr. Puff n' Stuff
identity.txt 7309
How to Create a New Identity by the Walking Glitch
ihg.txt 11913
International Directory of Hacking and Phreaking Organizations, by John Simmons
iirgacr6.txt 62629
The Hackers Acronym Chart by The International Information Retrieval Guid Version 6 (December 7, 1992)
iirgacr7.txt 67165
The Hackers Acronym Chart by The International Information Retrieval Guid Version 7 (February 6, 1993)
iirgacr8.txt 79728
The Hackers Acronym Chart, by the International information Retrieval Guild (IIRG)
iiu-001.txt 6073
Bust Avoidance for Dipshits by Derision of IIU (1990)
iiu-004.txt 9041
Hacking on the Compuserve Information Service by Darkness (1990)
illinet.txt 20430
Dial-Up Access Numbers for ILLINET Online
info.txt 7072
How to Get Detailed Information on Anybody by DTS
info3.gph 4352
How to Get Anything on Anybody Part III
infoam.txt 51393
Exploring Information-America by Omega and White Knight
informer.hac 17320
TRI : The Remote Informer, Volume 1, Issue #6
innerc.txt 15295
Blindman's Bluff, Hacker Style, from Out of the Inner Circle by Bill Landreth
innercir.hac 9856
Hacking Techniques, Typed in by Logan5 from The Inner Circle
intercep.hac 10746
The Tempest Method of Comptuer Data Interception by Al Muick (Needs Editing)
intercpt.txt 23219
Pager, Fax, and Data Intercept Techniques, by The High Tech Hoods
intruder.dox 8534
SOFTDOCS: Intruder v1.21 by CreaSoft
inttel.hac 1728
European Computers List #1 by Kerrang Khan
issm201.hac 32229
The Information Systems Security Monitor Volume 2 Number 1
issm202.hac 52667
The Information Systems Security Monitor Volume 2 Number 2
issm204.hac 28850
The Information Systems Security Monitor Volume 2 Number 4
issm301.hac 24356
The Information Systems Security Monitor Volume 3 Number 1
issm302.hac 23394
The Information Systems Security Monitor Volume 3 Number 2
issm303.hac 22981
The Information Systems Security Monitor Volume 3 Number 3
issm304.hac 30656
The Information Systems Security Monitor Volume 3 Number 4
jack14.txt 9855
Documentation for Cracker Jack, THE Unix Password Cracker (June 1993)
janet.txt 4618
JANET PAD Listing Revision 1.2 (March 1st, 1990)
jargon211.hac 1147413
The Jargon File, v.2.9.11, by Eric S. Raymond
javabugs.txt 5767
JavaScript Problems I've Discovered
keylock.sch 6772
Schematic For an Optoelectronic key Lock by Joe Scharf
keytrap3.txt 2787
SOFTDOCS: Keytrap v3.0 by Dcypher
kfyi-593.hac 91136
KFYI AM Radio 910 interviews Mind Rape and Merc
kill.feds 5376
FEDS: How to Find and Eliminate Them (September 10, 1987)
l0pht.txt 2807
The L0pht... What I saw, by Tfish of RDT
lan.txt 8247
Local Area Networks (LANs) by ANSI-Christ
lca-1.txt 4422
LCA #1: Zen and the Art of Untraceable Hacking, by Flood
lca-2.txt 3918
LCA #2: Sprintnet in a Nutshell, by The Lemon Curry Alliance
lca-3.txt 3269
LCA #3: So Just What Is This LCA Thing, Anyway? by Flood of the Lemon Curry Alliance
lca-4.txt 3725
LCA #4: A Definitive Study on Primate Behavior, by Lemon Curry Alliance
lca-5.txt 5082
LCA #5: Phone Patching Made Easy, by Pinball Wizard of Lemon Curry Alliance
lca-6.txt 4032
LCA #6: Beige Boxing, by the Lemon Curry Alliance
ldd.txt 12237
How to Hack into CIS
license.asc 58618
The Guerilla Guide to Licensing Software
list2 2936
Pacific Bell Computer Systems, by Another Hacker
litewave.sch 7819
AM Lightwave Transmitter and Reciever by Joe Scharf
lnoise.hac 6020
Modem Noise Destroyer (Alpha Version)
lodhbasi.hac 42609
The LOD/H Present: A Novice's Guide to Hacking- 1989 edition
logoncbi.hac 3235
How to Log Into a CBI System by L.E. Pirate and Zangin (from NIZation)
logoncbi.txt 2949
How to Log into a C.B.I System by L.E. Pirate
longpass.txt 14916
Generating Longer Passwords
machack0.5.txt 13640
The Mac Hack FAQ by AX1P (November 22, 1994)
mag_stripes.txt 25011
Magnetic Stripe Technology, by Chrisopher R. LaFave (July 3, 1994)
magnet.01 24432
Magnetic Stripes on Cards: An Overview
magnet.02 46174
Card-O-Rama: Magnetic Stripe Technology and Beyond or A Day in the Life of a Flux Reversal (November 22, 1991)
mailbox.hac 3368
Mailbox Systems: Your Link to the Underworld
main.fra 6763
Main Frames by the Pirate Club
mainfrms.con 1492
A List of Mainframe Dialup Numbers
master.txt 4915
Master Hack Version 1.0 by Master Frodo (January 1, 1991)
mci.txt 2020
MCI Mail Access Numbrs, from The Swamp
mci__acc.txt 2830
List of MCI Access Numbers
mcimail.hac 7772
MCI Mail - The Adventure Continues, by Bioc Agent
mcisprin.t 5278
Hints on Hacking, byt the RAMBUG and Captain Blood
memory.lst 32113
The Format of the BIOS Data Segment at Segment 40h (July 31, 1994)
mgtguide.txt 24448
The NIST Management Guide to the Protection of Information Resources
mickeyd.txt 5145
Hacking McDonalds by Herb the Hacker
micrrisk.hac 63479
Microcomputer Security Servey (By the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Standards and Security Branch)
milinet.1 5564
Milnet Access Codes
milnet.txt 36799
How to Use the American Military Net
milnet1.hac 7765
Milnet, by Brigadier General Swipe
mish18.txt 20480
The Dartmouth Kiewit System by The Lone Ranger (January 5, 1986)
mism1.hac 11776
How to Get Anything on Anyone Excerpts
mism10.hac 2944
How to Get Anything on Anyone Excerpts
mism20.hac 3840
Mastering the SCANTRON by Warhead
mism42.hac 1024
Xerox Voice Message Exchange Commands, from The Lineman
mob.txt 8954
The Hackers in the MOB
modbook1.txt 3585
The History of MOD: Book One: The Originals
modbook2.txt 4182
The History of MOD: Book Two: Creative Mindz
modbook3.txt 4522
The Book of MOD: Part Three: A Kick in the Groin
modbook4.txt 2787
The Book of MOD: Part Four: End of '90-'1991
modbook5.txt 5199
The Book of MOD: Part 5: Who are They And Where Did They Come From? (Summer 1991)
morality.hac 2654
Hacker Morality: A Lesson
morestuf.txt 18930
Collection of Hacking Files (Should Eventually be Split up)
morprime.hac 10579
RVEC Parameters and DMSTK Format
mrsts.hac 5504
So you've finally decided to down an RSTS System?
mtempist.hac 10752
The Tempest Method of Data Interception (Needs Editing)
narc3.hac 8229
Nuclear Hackers Phreakers Cards Information: How to Hack Effectively, by Prometheus (September 14, 1989)
ncsc-tg-003.txt 86792
A Guide to Understanding Discretionary Access Control in Trusted Systems (September 30, 1987)
ncsc-tg-016.txt 88895
Guidelines for Writing Trusted Facility Manuals
ncsc-tr-005-2.txt 90471
Introduction to Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
ncsc_oas.txt 109919
A Guideline on Office Automation Security (December 5, 1986)
netbios.txt 13379
Understanding NetBIOS by NeonSurge of Rhino9
netcrack.txt 7335
DOCUMENTATION: Advanced NetWare Security Cracker Version 1.00
networks.phk 5522
2600: How to Send Mail to other Networks
neuroman.pwd 3225
List of DataBases and passwords for the game "Neuromancer"
newid.hac 6543
New Identity Method
newsltr.idx 3273
Index to the Computer Underground Digest Archives (June 13, 1991)
nextbugs.txt 7878
CERT Advisory on the NeXT computer's Software
nfs_trace.txt 35713
NFS Tracing by Passive Network Monitoring, by Matt Blaze of the Dept. of Computer Science at Princeton
nha-app.txt 4706
Application to Join Network Hackers Alliance (June 1, 1991)
nimbus.txt 8498
Research Machines Nimbus hacking, by The Green Rhino
note9309.txt 1984
The Hack Report, by Lee Jackson (September 1993)
nov-faq.txt 119598
The Unofficial Netware Hack FAQ Beta Version 3 by Simple Nomad
novell.hac 10516
Collection of security holes in Novell Netware
novell.txt 7144
SOFTDOCS: Hacking Novell Local Area Networks by Pale Rider (1991)
novhack.txt 9096
Having Phun With Novell by Lord Foul/Decay (July 13, 1991)
nwhack.faq 73974
Frequently Asked Questions about Hacking Novell Netware by Simple Nomad
obscene.### 1838
TAG FILE: Obscene Phobia BBS (January 1, 1995)
ocfber.1 1394
Bylaws of the Open Computing Facility at UC Berkeley
ocfber.2 14491
Constitution for the Open Computing Facility at UC Berkeley
omron.pin 1648
How to Connect OMRON 3S4YR-HSR4 to your PC
orange 328324
Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (The Orange Book) 15 August 1983
orange.txt 319321
The Department of Devense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (August 15, 1993) (The Orange Book)
orgs.hac 8464
A Large List of Computer Security Organizations
orgs.txt 8320
1988 List of Computer Security Organizations
outdial.lst 12887
Complete Collection of PC pursuit Outdials, by The Renegade Legion (January, 1991)
outdial.txt 10261
How to Use Outdials: An Introduction by Lorax
outdials.us 3553
Ameican Local Outdials by Sebastian Winchler (March 1991)
outdialsnfo.hac 2652
List of Dialouts
pacbell.lst 3096
Collection of Pacific Bell Computer Systems
packet.txt 5760
Notes on Using Tymenet and Telenet by Michael A. Banks (1989)
pacnet.hac 5300
Hacking into the PACnet System
pactimea.txt 2811
Telephone Numbers for the Pacific Bell Computer System by Another Hacker
passhack.txt 7070
The Fixer Presents Password Hacking, a Scientific Breakdown of the Free Press
password.txt 22477
Password Security: A Case History Encryption Computing by Robert Morris and Ken Thompson (April 3, 1978)
pcp88.lst 5450
PC Pursuit List Version 1.1 (August 31, 1988)
pcpbas.txt 3972
How to Use PC Pursuit Service
pcphack.phk 9552
Hacking PC Pursuit Codes by The Weenie Warriors
pcphack.txt 9537
The Weenie Warriors Present Hacking PC Pursuit Codes
pcpold.phk 7814
How to Use Telenet's PC Pursuit Service by Z-Man
pcpursue.txt 238362
PC-Pursuit Outdialing System: The Complete Guide, by Digital Demon of the Modernz, 1992
pcpursui.yes 15104
PC Pursuit and Telenet Local Access Numbers
pdnaxis.txt 16421
The Public Data Network Numbers
pdp11.hac 1920
Pdp-11 Basic plus programming by Executive Hacker and Corporate Criminal
pentagon.txt 7534
The Milnet File by Brigadier General Swipe/Dispater
ph.txt 30181
Soft Documentation: P-Hack 1.0 by Peter King
phonecom.nfo 3304
Becoming More Informed (Becoming a Hacker)
popper.txt 2875
ADVISORY: Shell Access Users can Use POPPER to Create Root Owned Files by Mark Fullmer (May 6, 1994)
prime.hac 21725
A List of PRIME Commands
primecpl.hac 12018
An Introduction to PRIMOS CPL Directives by Necrovore
primer.txt 102646
Coping with the Threat of Computer Security Incidentys, by Russell L. Brand (June 8, 1990)
primes.txt 12879
Message Base With Discussion of the Watch utlity on PRIME (August, 1988)
primos.hac 3968
Hacking Primos Systems By Nanuk of the North
primos1.txt 26221
Introduction to the Primos Operating System by Violence (1989) of The VOID Hackers
primos2.txt 39011
Introduction to the Primos Operating System by Violence (1989) of The VOID Hackers
primos3.txt 41578
Introduction to the Primos Operating System by Violence (1989) of The VOID Hackers
primos4.txt 25184
Introduction to the Primos Operating System by Violence (1989) of The VOID Hackers
primos5.txt 34196
Introduction to the Primos Operating System by Violence (1989) of The VOID Hackers
psnintro.txt 34582
The Complete Introductory Guide to Sprintnet and Similar Packet-Switched Networks by Doctor Dissector (April 22, 1990)
psns.txt 3366
An Explanation of Packet Switching Networks, by Doc Holiday and Phantom Phreaker
pumpcon.txt 10358
pw-hack.txt 5432
The Art of Password Hacking by HIT
qsd.txt 4676
How to Access Minitel or How to Have FUN on QSD
racintro 1794
Information on RAC: A Host System Used for Access to GEnie and AppleLink
raclog1 28632
An Example of an RAC Login
raclog2 27736
An Example of an RAC Login, Part II
ram1 4045
Hacking Rampart Systems Part 1
ram2 4058
Hacking Rampart Systems Part 1 (cont)
ram5 4022
Hacking Rampart Systems Part 2
ram6 861
Hacking Rampart Systems Part 2 (cont)
ramcomm.hac 185184
Hacking RAM Communications (Pager)
rampart1.hac 8448
Hacking Rampart Systems by Whackoland
rampart2.hac 4864
Hacking Rampart Systems by Whackoland Part II
rcaglobe.txt 3494
The RCA Network Part I by the Telex Troopers
read.me 3649
A Story About the TSR That Catches Passwords, and a short History
readme.now 6000
SOFTDOCS: Gold Cup Verison 1.2: The Ultimate Executables Unpacker
readme.txt 131
Force Files Explanation
reid.txt 49665
The "Reid Thread", where a Standford Admin learns security the hard way (September 26, 1986)
revblt.hac 13726
Review of Federal Agency Computer Security and Privacy Plans
riacs 5878
Principles of Responsible Use of RIACS Computing Facilities
rimeman.hac 52781
RIME User's Guide
ripco.txt 13184
The Doctor Ripco Seizure by Full Disclosure (1991)
risks.txt 6181
Avoiding the Risks of Hacking: A List of Suggestions by IC
risktool.hac 33991
Risk Management Research Library Overview from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
rom.txt 3744
Macintosh ROM Secrets by The Cloud (November 23, 1990)
rowdy_dl.man 63720
DocumentationL The Rowdy Dialer (April 1993)
rspwd.new 23723
Some Downloaded Password File
rsts.hac 5376
So You've Decided to Down a RSTS System, by Sam Sneed
rsx11.hac 18944
RSX11M Version 3.X Real Time Operating System: An Introduction by Terminus and Lord Digital
rsx11m.txt 18755
RSX11M Version 3.X Real Time Operating System: An Introduction by Terminus & Lord Digital
ruhacker.txt 1501
Are You a Hacker? By ReDragon
sanatmdoc.hac 6179
Getting into an ATM
saruman.add 829
TAG: Saruman BBS Ad
satan~1.txt 20843
A Look at SATAN (Security Program) by John Fisher of the CIAC Team (March 29, 1995)
satcon.txt 2841
Satellite Control, by Ninja Squirrel & Logan-5
satelit3.txt 17718
Satellite Scrambling Systems: The Truth, by XL
satelite.txt 3636
Satellite Frequencies, by Sir Francis Drake
scanprg.txt 5542
What To Look For In A Code Hacking Program, by Dissident
school.txt 9253
Screwing with School Computers, by Liquid Bug
secrets2.hac 7733
Big Secrets Volume #2 by The Wyvern: Pop-Up Voids, Magnetic Stripes, and The Post Office
secrets3.hac 4250
Big Secrets Volume #3 by The Wyvern: Crest Toothpaste, Free Keys, and Secret Things
secretsdoc.hac 233082
Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets (1861)
securdev.txt 8616
Technical Hacking Volume 1 by the Warelock
security 66923
Overview of Computer Security by E.A. Bedwell, EDP Specialist
security.fy8 259023
Site Security Handbook, 1991
security.txt 6184
Professor Falken's Guide to CODE Hacking Security
sequence.txt 22931
Sequence Number Attacks, by Rik Farrow
sha.hac 83219
Swedish Hackers Association Annual Year Protocol #4
shadec.txt 14173
The use of a DECserver (Documentation) By the Chief of Swedish Hackers Association
shahewl.txt 3723
Swedish Hacking Association presents Hacking HP 3000 Part 1
shaprot3.txt 91074
The 3rd Protocol (1990) by The Swedish Hackers Association
shawn-file-check 20977
The Awesome Power of TELIX Scripts by Shawn Da lay Boy Productions
shw0293.asc 8632
Syndicated Hack Watch (March 1993) William Shakespeare and Cable Porn
shw0394.asc 9472
Syndicated Hack Watch (March 1994) by John McCormac
shw0494.asc 12408
Syndicated Hack Watch (April 1994)
shw0593.asc 6667
Red Hot Television is Banned
shw0893.asc 12544
The Start of the Skybox Cable War
shw0993.asc 8955
Syndicated Hack Watch (September 1993) "Red Hot TV Makes a Comeback"
shw0994.bbs 12097
Syndicated Hack Watch (September 1994) Phoenix Program Kills Sky's Access Control
shw1093.asc 10974
Syndicated Hack Watch (October 1993) Piracy Covered by Mainstream Press
skel_key.txt 7361
SOFTDOCS: Skeleton key: PC Unlocking Utility by the National Authoritarians Society
skey.txt 11048
Description of the S/KEY One-Time Password System bty Neil M. Haller and Philip R. Karn
skeyfl.txt 11419
Vulnerabilities in the S/KEY One Time Password System by Mudge of L0pht Heavy Industries
skyhack.hac 26525
The Videocrypt System by Darrn Ingram of SATNEWS (June 5, 1991)
sniffer.txt 19288
FAQ: The Sniffer FAQ Version 1.7
snoop 3075
Data Snooping the Right Way by Lee Day of Abstruce Authors of Merca
snoop.txt 4065
Data Snooping the Right Way by Lee Day
sourcetelnet.txt 4828
The Source Telnet Directory, and Uninet Directory
ss-info2.txt 5120
The Social Security Number, by Barbara Bennett
ssan.hac 4738
The Social Security Number
ssn-stuf.txt 19840
More about why Social Security Numbers are Insecure
ssnum.ana 1791
About Social Security Numbers
starlink.txt 26902
Information on Galaxy Starlink: A User's Guide
starmast.txt 12657
Hacking the Gandalf Starmaster by Deicide (May 22, 1993)
statemind.txt 5863
So, You Wanna Be a Hacker? It's a State of Mind!
stoll.doc 58801
Writings of Clifford Stoll
storehac 4515
Cracking/Hacking Those Shitty Store Display Computers by ICEoLatEor (August 27, 1991)
stupidki.hac 4942
Those Stupid Little Bastard Hackers!
sun413.txt 31595
How to improve security on a newly installed SunOS 4.1.3 system. by Thomas M. Kroeger (July 1994)
sundevil.txt 3252
Operation Sundevil, by the Prodigy
superd.txt 5112
DocumentationL Superdial 1.03 by Evan Anderson
sys75.hac 9410
The Complete Guide to Definity G Series Systems (System 65-75) by: Scott Simpson
ta&m.txt 20778
Texas A&M Network Security Package Overview 7/1/1993
tachelp 6285
Captures of Information on TACACS by The Argonaut
tan.txt 37769
List of Telenet Access Numbers by Daredevil of P/HUN
tcp-ip.txt 35765
FAQ: The TCP/IP FAQ by George V. Neville-Neil (April 1, 1996)
tcsb.03 29427
Telecom Computer Security Bulletin: ItaPac, a Brief Introduction, by Blade Runner (August 11, 1988)
tcsb.04 11790
An Introduction to PRIMOS CPL Directives by Necrovore
tcsb.05 30972
Telecom Computer Security Bulletin: An Introduction to Packet Switched Networks Part I, by Blade Runner (August 20, 1988)
tcsb.06 27636
Telecom Computer Security Bulletin: An Introduction to Packet Switched Networks Part II, by Blade Runner (August 20, 1988)
tcsb.08 4370
Telecom Computer Security Bulletin: Your Personal Phone Security, by King Lucifer (August 10, 1988)
tcsb.11 8938
Telecom Computer Security Bulletin: DEC Terminal Server Basics by Mad Hacker (September 10, 1988)
tcsb.12 3370
Telecom Computer Security Bulletin: Expansion of the Z80 Chip, by King Lucifer (Alias Byteman) on September 10, 1988
techhack.hac 8368
A Guide to ADS System, by Lord Digital and the Phantom
techiq.txt 9737
Hacking Techniques, by Logan-5 (Hacker Supreme)
technicl.txt 9809
Technical Hacking: Volume One by the Warelock
tele3.txt 8229
Telenet Scanning by Doc Telecom (July 11, 1988)
tele4.txt 2936
An Overview of Telenet by Man Max
tele5.hac 6492
Hacking Telnet by The Flash
telecode.txt 24857
Telenet Codes, Hacked Out by ZORON (May 1, 1988)
telecomm.txt 2271
An Introductory Guide to Telenet Commands
teleinfo.txt 6496
Telenet Hacking by Hell's Hackers and Invisible Stalker (January 9, 1987)
telenet.hac 10465
Telenet: The Secret Exposed
telenet.txt 2732
An Introductory Guide to Telenet Commands
telenet2.txt 24259
A Good amount of general Telenet Information
teleneth.txt 2203
An Introductory Guide to Telenet Commands
teleneti 6192
Telenet Hacking Volume 1 by Invisible Stalker of Hell's Hackers (January 9, 1987)
teleneti.phk 2720
Instructions for using TELENET.
telescan.txt 7940
Information on Telenet Scanning
tellerma.txt 1982
Cracking Auto Bank Teller Machines by the Suspect
teln2.txt 2703
Telenet Terminal Identifiers
teln3.txt 32422
Welcome to the TCO Access Listing (September 15, 1987)
telnetsn.txt 8803
Telenet Scanning by Doc Telecom (July 11, 1988)
telnumbe.txt 31564
Telenet Access Numbers, by the Weenie Warriors
teltermz.txt 13604
List of Terminal Identifiers
tempest.hac 5122
Excerpt of article on Tempest
thc.nfo 11145
NFO: Get-Vip 1.2thc by Van Hauser (January 10, 1995)
thc2.nfo 21205
The Hacker's Choice NFO: RA-BBS Hack Tools Hardware Support (May 18, 1996)
thehaq.txt 109515
The HAQ (Hack-FAQ Version 2.07) (June 11, 1994)
thuglan1.txt 16453
Introduction to Hacking into LANs by THUG
thuglan2.txt 10483
General Information on LANs by THUG (July 31, 1991)
tihack2.txt 31999
Hacking the TI-85 Calculator, by David Boozer (September 1, 1994)
timenet.txt 5434
Hacking Tymnet by Byte Brain
tl-user.txt 37318
ToneLoc v0.98 User Manual, by Minor Threat and Mucho Maas
tl.q-a 6240
ToneLoc v0.98 Troubleshooting and Question-and-Answer Manual
tmplefun.txt 3451
Fun with Temple's Computers (A How To)
tnet1.txt 21888
Tymnet File #1 by The Twilight Phone
tnet2.txt 16896
Tymnet File #2 by The Twilight Phone
tnet3.txt 14592
Tymnet File #3 by The Twilight Phone
tnpcpod.txt 26685
TeleNet PC-Pursuit OutDials & TymNet OutDials Listing from 1990-1991 by Iaxom
tops20.txt 7075
Note on Tops-20 Systems by The Blue Archer and the Legion of Hackers!
transdir.txt 14377
The Legion of Doom/Legion of Hackers Presents the 1-800-NNX Translation Directory
trash.txt 5888
Dumpster Diving: An overview of the legality, by Full Disclosure
trashing.rot 18277
The Art of Trashing by Deicide
traxtool.txt 13541
The Trax Toolbox Volume #001 by Track
triad187.hac 19927
The Triad: A 3-in-1 Textfile Magazine, Issue #1
trojan 9131
Rumors of Worms and Trojan Horses by Mike Guffey
tsrcrack.txt 2822
SOFTDOCS: TSR Crack Verison 1.0 by Wong Wing Kin (1993)
ttyspoof.txt 7786
TTY Spoofing, by SubEthan
tym_ods.txt 20850
TymNet OutDials Sorted By Area Code
tyme2.txt 8055
International Packet Switching Services Description
tymenet.hac 20577
Tymenet Technical and User Information
tymnet.ods 1777
Listing of Tymnet ODS Systems
tymnet.txt 205145
Packet Networks I and other Tymnet Information by Digital Demon, 1990
tymnet96.txt 17283
BT-GNS Worldwide Tymnet Dial (Version 9.6, March 11, 1994)
ueber.txt 8770
A Guide to Internet Security: Becoming an Ubercracker and Becoming an Uberadmin to Stop Ubercrackers, by Christopher Klaus (December 5, 1993)
uk.dialups 28896
A List of Modem Dialups in the UK (September 22, 1990)
ukguide.hac 13693
The Guide to Online Databases for UK Users
ulimate.txt 61683
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Hacking and Phreaking by Revelation (August 4, 1996)
ultrad3.txt 10880
The Ultimate in Wargames Dialers: UltraDial 3.0 Documentation by Paul Levy
unineta.phk 7049
Uninet Information, from The South Pole
unp.txt 30663
SOFTDOCS: UNP 3.31 by Ben Castricum (April 15, 1994)
up.txt 1593
SOFTDOCS: UP.EXE Version 3.2 by Wong Wing Kin (1993)
usrguide.txt 16128
The NIST Computer User's Guide to the Protection of Information Resources
vanish.txt 3901
The Hacker Who Vanished: Suicide or Clever Hoax?
vax-7.txt 2248
vendors.hac 55184
Large Security Vendors List
verstell.ana 3221
Neat Fun with Versatellers
virus 11269
Attack of the Computer Virus, by Lee Dembart
vmbhack.txt 4662
Hacking Voice Mail Boxes by Tik Tak
vmsptuto.txt 12717
The IBM VMSSP System, by The Motorhead
vthack1.txt 9844
The VT Hacker, by the Man Hermit
vthack2.txt 9378
The VT Hacker #2, by the Mad Hermit
vthack3.txt 29178
The VT Hacker #3, by The Mad Hermit
vtp.txt 17664
A Guide to Video Tape Protection, by Shane Raistlin Monroe (Decmber 11, 1989)
wal-mart.txt 4175
Hacking the Wal-Mart Armorguard Computer Protection System
wanghack.hac 5302
Hacking the Wang OS, by Dark Knight
wargames 5912
The top 25 *unbelievable* things in War Games, by TheCure (October 16, 1991)
wargames.hum 8715
Is Wargames Possible? BULLSHIT! An Overview by The Jabberwock
watching 3552
Watching the Watcher Watching You by Sir Knight
wats.txt 9978
WATS Version 1.0 by Professor Falken & The Aptolcater
whca_txtmsg.log 178486
The Now Infamous White House Pager Logs; Next Time, Enccrypt your Pages!
xerox.hac 2321
Hacking Xerox
xmux.txt 12318
The ROT Guide to Gandalf XMUX's by Deicide
zen.hac 52401
Dan Farmer's Improving the Security of Your Site by Breaking Into It
zippass.txt 5637
The Security of PKZIP Encryption

There are 691 files for a total of 18,779,213 bytes.
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