Survivalists tend to be the strongest mix of Politics, Self-Reliance, and Radicalism. As a result, the textfiles they write have one of the more unique blends of points of view of any other part of While it's unlikely you'll agree with a lot of what's being said, you have to give them the fact that they say it loud and clear.

A lot of survivalist files are dedicated to preparing for a coming collapse of society, assuming the worst and preparing for it. They're not waiting for the calvary; they're looking to eat the horses if they come this way.

Description of the Textfile
10-essnt.txt 11223
The Ten Essentials of Survival, by Scott Stoddard
100dying.asc 9827
100 Ways to Avoid Dying, by Tim Clark (April 4, 1991)
117.txt 8192
Treating for Cold Exposure, from a booklet by the Red Cross
118.txt 8704
Treating for Shock, by the Red Cross
1hrrads.txt 7296
Collection of Exposure Rates for Various Chemicals
abtsurv.txt 1373
Overview of the Survival Network
allies 9856
Friends or Allies: Choice for Survival by Kurt Saxon, 1977
blastfnd.txt 6144
Some information on various destructiveness of Nuclear Blasts
bugoutsc 6760
Script Outline for "Bugout", by Kurt Saxon: 1981
bunkers 4963
The Soviet Bunker Network Revealed
bwonrads.txt 8748
Understanding Radiation Hazards: Is Dan Rather more dangerous than Three Mile Island?
caravans 13895
The Killer Karavans, by Kurt Saxon, 1979
catalogs.txt 28576
Daniel Mayost's Procurement Directory Parts 1, 2, and 3
chapt-1.txt 7431
The Corbin Handbook: How Do You Swage Bullets?
chapt-10.txt 7266
The Corbin Handbook: Individual Dies for the Reloading Press
chapt-11.txt 10961
The Corbin Handbook: Draw Dies
chapt-2.txt 13402
The Corbin Handbook: Making the Lead COres
chapt-3.txt 20634
The Corbin Handbook: About Bullet Jackets
chapt-4.txt 41942
The Corbin Handbook: Swaging in the Reloading Press
chapt-5.txt 43545
The Corbin Handbook: Swaging with the Mity Mite System
chapt-6.txt 25900
The Corbin Handbook: Swaging with the Hydro-Press System
chapt-7.txt 48273
The Corbin Handbook: Some Specific Bullets and How to Make Them
chapt-8.txt 13422
The Corbin Handbook: Books for Bullet Swagers
chapt-9.txt 13295
The Corbin Handbook: Kits For your Reloading Press
commo.txt 3436
Electronic Diagram for making Party Lines
costja88 6085
Is Civil Defense Cost Effective
counter.txt 13659
Countermeasures by Thomas Icom
dental.txt 9108
Dental Emergencies, by Douglas W. Stephens, D.D.S.
dissapp.txt 34236
100 Ways to Disappear and Live Free by Struct Def, Reprinted by Eden Press 17792
Protecting Yourself from Electro-Magnetic Pulse by Duncan Long
emp.txt 26240
Electro Magnetic Pulses
evapri.txt 5957
The Inspectors Thoughts by Assailant's Blade and Ford Prefect
ewater.txt 15046
Emergency Water, by Ken Larson, American Survival Guide Vol. 13, No. 4
fallfund.txt 10624
The Fundamentals of Fallout
fallout.101 4990
Survival 101: Fallout Fundamentals from Ken Seger's BBS
fear 4342
Fear in the City, by Kurt Saxon (1981)
finalnpr.asc 89984
Notes on Prepardness for Natural and Man-Made Disasters with Emphasis on Earthquakes, for the Rossman School
fire.txt 2560
Notes from a Lecture on Fire Building
fire0001.txt 6786
Starting Fires, from the American Survival Guide
firebas.txt 7115
Campfire Basics, by Bud Journey
firehous 7296
Would you Save your Family and Yourself, or would you Die in the Flames? By Arthur B. Robinson
firewood.txt 15487
Efficient Fire-wood Harvesting by Richard R. Doucet
hmestead.txt 16853
Building a Survivalist Homestead
how-not 9116
How Not to Survive, by Kurt Saxon (1981)
hunting.txt 11524
Hunting to Survive, by Bob Newman
injuries.txt 16811
The Injuries that will result from a Nuclear Explosion
intimeof.txt 124374
In a Time of Emergency: A Citizen's Handbook on Emergency Management from the Office of Public Affairs (1991)
invertr.txt 4271
Specifications for Power Inverters
invest 12135
Investment in Survival, by Kurt Saxon (1980)
invisibl.txt 1913
The Art of Being Invisible, by Richard Perron
iodine.txt 2304
How to Use Iodine to Sterilize Water
ircomm.txt 4643
An Infrared Communicator Plan
janowsky.txt 17025
Some Food for Thought, by Chris Janowsky
jungle.txt 64885
Surviving in the Jungle
king.lst 23552
Kevin King gives his list of Camping Medical Supplies
lfiweare.prn 5760
We Are Survivalists (Essay)
litebulb.txt 5262
Of Bulbs and Batteries, by Jerry Reimer
livefree.txt 39319
100 Ways to Disappear and Live Free (1985) from Eden Press and Struct Def
lostptrl.txt 3609
Lost on Patrol: A Guide to Surviving Alone When You're a Cop
magndet.txt 9416
Electronic Magnetic Field Disruption Detection Plans
media.txt 8526
Who Controls the Media?
nerves.hrb 10411
The Nervous System: Healing with Medicinal Plants
nkwrmelt.txt 16372
The Melting of 'Nuclear Winter', by Russell Seitz
nucwps.txt 10880
The Possible Effects of Nuclear Weapons & a Realistic Scenario for the Days after the Initial Offensive
number 8056
Survival is Looking After #1, by Kurt Saxon (1976)
paranoid 13687
Survival and the Paranoid, by Kurt Saxon (1977)
pinesoup.txt 5875
Making Pine Soup
plansurv.txt 15017
Planning Survival, by C.E. Teal (November, 1991)
q&a_mil.txt 21192
The Militia Q & A, from the Constitution Society (1994)
quakef.txt 6384
Earthquakes: Fact Sheet and Hints
quest.txt 3038
Information about Quest Outfitters, by Donna Ransdell
quickfix.txt 6739
Quick Fixes: 20 of the All Time Best Hints for Making Household Repairs, by Al Carrell (Dec/Jan 1994)
roadblok 13586
Roadblocks, by Kurt Saxon (1979)
shangri- 9119
Boone County: Shangri-La of the Ozarks, by Kurt Saxon (1981)
shelter.txt 2304
How do I Build/Buy a Shelter? July 30, 1987
snakelec.txt 1094
South American Folk Remedy for Snakebite
srvival.txt 18472
Survival List (List for Survival) January 18, 1991
sschools.txt 75182
A Collection of Security and Training Schools for a more Physical Education
ssd.txt 30746
Streetwise Self-Defense, by RAF
streetfi 7324
Survival by The Nimpha of the 2600 Club
stupid 18560
Now Who's Stupid, Dad? By Marc Ridenour
suburb 8147
The Suburban Survival Guide by Incorsis Daethr of ZED/NET
supers.txt 56433
A Collection of Super Sources
survive.txt 18135
Notes on Survival Training by Carl J. Archer
survlist.txt 3100
A List of Suggested Items for the Household Survivalist
survscho 7286
Survival School, by Kurt Saxon (1981)
tapcode.txt 1211
The Vietnam POW's TapCode
taz.txt 262946
The Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey (1991)
tenherbs.txt 11264
Ten Medicinal Herbs You Should Know
think 14592
Survival Thinking, by Kurt Saxon (1979)
travel.txt 11282
International Travel Risks, by Scott Stoddard
trlfds.txt 18316
Make your Own Train Foods, by Scott Stoddard
trouble 2938
When in Trouble with the Police
undgcomm.txt 4825
Tactical Radio Communication Equipment by Thomas Icom/IIRG/Cybertek
urine.txt 2816
Urine as a Survival Resource
vietprmr.txt 158208
Vietnam Primer, by Brigadier General S. L. A. Marshall (Ret.)
w1st-aid.txt 19293
Wilderness First Aid, by George E. Dvorchak, Jr., M.D.
warcycpc.txt 3097
War Cycles / Peace Cycles by Richard Kelly Hoskins
warlords 14585
The Coming Warlords by Kurt Saxon (1978)
warnings 11609
Warnings from the Past, by Kurt Saxon (1981)
warvsgov.txt 9709
War Isn't This Century's Biggest Killer, by R.J.Rummel
whatsurv 8551
What is a Survivalist? By Kurt Saxon (1980)
windhumd.crt 2048
Wind Chill and Humidity Factor Table
wintdriv.txt 4001
10 Winter Driving Tips
wool.txt 6794
Wool: The Survival Fiber by Compatriot Howard Thomas
wounds.txt 11951
Wound Care (from scrapes to sutures) by George E. Dvorchak Jr. M.A., M.D.

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